DancieMaetion 2.0: 583 Dances

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Dance Name Format
12 Coates Crescent
Aas Yooou Wiiissshhh
Abbot of Unreason, The
Adieu Mon Ami
Admirable Fred
Airie Bennan
Airy Fairy
Alexander's Castle
Alice's Request
Alison Rose
Alloway Kirk Rant
Allt An Duin
And For the Young Ones
Anderson's Rant
Angus MacKinnon's Hornpipe
Anna Holden's Strathspey
Anniversary Reel
Argyll Strathspey
Arniston Glen
Asilomar Romantic
Atholl Reel, The
Auld Davie McClemmet's Fiddle
Auld Grey Cat, The
Auld Lang Syne
Australian Ladies
Autumn in Appin
Autumn Wind
Back to the Fireside
Baldovan Reel
Balmoral Strathspey
Balquidder Strathspey
Barbara's Strathspey
Barley Bree
Barmkin, The
Bea's Delight
Beach Dancer
Bees of Maggieknockater, The
Belfast Hornpipe, The
Belle of Bon Accord, The
Best Set in the Hall
Bill Clement MBE
Birks of Invermay, The
Black Black Oil, The
Black Dance, The
Black Donald
Black Mountain Reel, The
Blackadder Jig
Blooms of Bon Accord
Blue Bonnets
Blue Loch, The
Blue Mess Jacket, The
Bob Campbell
Bonnie Stronshiray
Bonnie Tree, The
Bow Fiddle Rock
Braes of Breadalbane
Braes of Mellinish, The
Braes of Tulliemet, The
Bramble Bush, The
Bratach Bana
Breakdown, The
Bridge of Nairn
Broadford Bay
Bruce's Men
Brudenell Jig, The
Bunting Bee, The
Burns Night
Butterscotch and Honey
Button Boy, The
Byron Strathspey, The
C'est L'Amour
Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes
Cabrach, The
Cadgers in the Canongate
Calgary's First Hundred
Campbell's Frolic
Cape Disappointment Light
Cape Town Wedding
Capercaillie, The
Capital Jig, A
Captain MacDonald's Fancy
Captain Ross
Captain's House, The
Cashmere Shawl, The
Castle Douglas
Castle of Mey
Castles in the Air
Cat and the Fiddle, The
Catch the Wind
Caterpillar, The
Cauld Kail (Reel)
Cauld Kail (Strathspey)
Charmer, The
Chased Lovers
Chasing the Eclipse
Chequered Court, The
Cherrybank Gardens
Chopped Nuts and Chocolate Swirls
Christies' Strathspey
Ciamar a Tha (How Are You?)
City of Belfast
Clansman, The
Clement Street Reel, The
Cliffs of Insanity, The
Clumsy Lover, The
Clydebank Strathspey
College Hornpipe, The
Come What May
Comeback Jig, The
Compleat Gardener, The
Corn Rigs
Couple of Keepers, A
Cramond Bridge
Cranberry Tart, The
Craven Reel, The
Crom Allt (The Crooked Burn)
Cuillins of Skye
Culla Bay
Cumberland Reel
Cupar Jig, The
Currie Mountain
Cutty Sark
Da Rain Dancin'
Dalkeith's Strathspey
Dance for Alisa
Dancers on the Wall
Dancing Bees, The
Dancing Dolphins
Dancing for Pleasure
Dancing Master, The
Dare to Dance
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Davy Nick Nack
De'il Amang the Tailors, The
Delvine Side
Devil's Elbow, The
Diamond Jubilee, The
Diamond Quarrie, The
Dizzying Intellect, A
Domino Five
Donald Bane
Doonhammer Delight, The
Dos Equis
Double Diamond Strathspey, The
Dr Quarrie's Birthday
Dr Sally Hayes
Dream Catcher, The
Drunken Sailor, The
Duchess Tree, The
Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh
Duke of Atholl's Reel, The
Duke of Perth
Dumbarton Drums
Dundee Whaler, The
Duran Ranger, The
Earl of Mansfield, The
Early Spring
Easy Does It
Edinburgh Toy Shop, The
Ellie's Jig
Elusive Muse, The
Emerald Hills of Home
Enchanted Garden, The
Enchanted Isle, The
Enniskillen Dragoons
Faerie Flag of the McLeods, The
Fair Donald
Fair Enough
Fair Jenny's Jig
Fair Ronny's Reel
Fairy Dance, The
Falkirk Lass, The
Falls of Rogie, The
Farm Boy
Father Connelly's Jig
Ferla Mor
Fermat's Bicycle
Ferry Louper, The
Festival Fling
Fiddler's Wife, The
Fiddlin' Round
Fight About the Fireside
Firecracker Reel
Fisherman's Reel
Flight of the Falcon
Flight to Melbourne
Flights of Fancy
Flirtation Hornpipe, The
Flora's Fancy
Florrie's Fancy
Flower o' the Quern, The
Flower of Glasgow, The
Flowers of Edinburgh
Fly Not Yet
Flying Spur, The
Folksy Fivesome, The
Follow Me Home
Four White Horses
Fraser's Favourite
Frisky, The
From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'
Fugal Fergus
Gaelforce Wind
Gang the Same Gate
Gardeners' Fantasia, The
Garry Strathspey
General Stuart's Reel
Geneva Alliance, The
Gentleman, The
Glasgow Highlanders Progressions
Glasgow Highlanders, The
Glastonbury Tor
Glenora Ferry, The
Glens of Angus, The
Gloria's Wee Jig
Goat Fell Gallop, The
Golden Apple Jig, The
Good Hearted Glasgow
Gordon's Cider Press
Gothenburg's Welcome
Granville Market
Great Expectations
Grey Daylight
Gypsy Dreams
Haar on Skye, The
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall - Sheffield
Hamilton Rant, The
Happy Meeting, The
Happy Returns
Hare Reel, The
Haste to the Wedding
Hazel Tree, The
Hedwig's Reel
Hidden Valley, The
High Lodge, The
Highland Fair
Highland Lass, The
Highland Mary
Highland Rambler
Highlandman's Umbrella, The
Hollin Buss, The
Holyrood Strathspey
Hooper's Jig
Hope Little's Strathspey
Hot Toddy, A
Hunting Horn, The
I P's Farewell to Auchterarder
Immigrant Lass, The
Impressive Clergyman, The
Indian River Strathspey
Invercauld's Reel
Inverneill House
Irish Rover, The
Iron Man, The
It Should Be Fun
It's All Right
It's Just For Fun
It's Nae Bother
J. B. Milne
James Gray
James Senior of St Andrews
Jean Martin of Aberdeen
Jennifer's Jig
Jessie's Hornpipe
Jig to the Music
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig
John Cass
John McAlpin
John of Bon Accord
Johnnie Walker
Joie de Vivre
Jubilee Jig, The
Kabin Fever
Kamo Karousel
Kangaroo Paw, The
Karin's Strathspey
Kate and Dod
Katherine's Birthday
Kelloholm Jig, The
Kendall's Hornpipe
Kilkenny Castle
Kinfauns Castle
King in Patagonia, A
Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming
Kissing Bridge, The
Ladies of Berkeau
Ladies of Dunse, The
Ladies' Fancy
Lady Auckland's Reel
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel
Lady Glasgow
Lady Lucy Ramsay
Lady Sophia Lindsay
Lady Susan Montgomery
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel
Lady Wynd, The
Laird of Milton's Daughter, The
Lake Geneva
Lake of the Sky
Lammermuir Hills, The
Lass O' Livingston, The
Lass of Richmond Hill, The
Last of the Lairds, The
Lea Rig, The
Legacy, The (Pinewoods Collection)
Light and Airy
Light on the Water
Lightnin' Bug, The
Links with St Petersburg
Linnea's Strathspey
Linton Ploughman, The
Lobster in the Pot
Lochalsh Reel, The
Long Sands, The
Lord Elgin's Reel
Luckenbooth Brooch
MAB of McLeod
MacDonald of Keppoch
MacDonald of the Isles
Machine Without Horses, The
MacLeod's Fancy
Mad Hatter, The
Magic of Merrill, The
Maids in the Mirror
Mairi's Hangover
Mairi's Wedding
Major Ian Stewart
Many Happy Returns
Maple Grove, The
March Hare, The
Margaret Parker's Strathspey
Marquis of Lorne, The
Mary Erskine
Mason's Apron, The
Maxwell's Rant
May Yarker's Strathspey
Meeting of the Waters, The
Micmac Rotary, The
Midnight Oil
Midsummer Common
Midsummer Madness
Milltimber Jig, The
Millville Grange, The
Milton's Welcome
Minister on the Loch, The
Mint Truffles
Miss Allie Anderson
Miss Catherine Allan
Miss Gibson's Strathspey
Miss Hadden's Reel
Miss Isabella McLeod
Miss Jane Muirhead of Dunsmuir
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
Miss Milligan's Strathspey
Miss Nancy Frowns
Miss Sarah Smiles
Missing Turn, The
Mist O'er the Loch
Mixed Nuts
Moment of Truth
Montgomeries' Rant, The
Moray Rant, The
More Bees A-Dancing
Morning After, The
Mount Maxwell's Strathspey
Mountain Stream, The
Mr Edward Wagstaff's Fancy
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson
Mr Michael Bear's Reel
Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe
Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw
Mrs Macleod
Mrs Macpherson of Inveran
Mrs Milne of Kinneff
Mrs Stewart's Jig
Mrs Stuart Linnell
Muirland Willie
Music and the Dance, The
Music Makars, The
My Jo
Napier's Index
Neidpath Castle
New Abbey
New Rigged Ship, The
New Year Jig
None So Pretty
Nottingham Lace
Nurseryman, The
O'er the Mountains
Odd Thoughts
Officer and a Gentleman, An
Old Man of Storr, The
Old Nick's Lumber Room
Olympic Treasure
On the Quarter Deck
On the Wings of the Morning
Orpington Caledonians
Out of Thin Air
Packhorse Rant, The
Paisley Weavers, The
Peat Fire Flame, The
Pelorus Jack
Petronella, The
Pines of Pitlochry, The
Pinewoods Reel
Pink Roses
Pint o' Ale is Fain
Piper and the Penguin, The
Plantation Reel, The
Pleasure is Mine, The
Plethora of Pinatas, A
Polharrow Burn
Postage Stamp, The
Postie's Jig
Provost Wynd, The
Quarrie's Jig
Rakes of Glasgow
Rakish Highlandman, The
Raven's Dance, The
Ray Milbourne
Recumbent Stone, The
Red House
Reel for Jeannie, A
Reel of the 51st Division, The
Reel of the Royal Scots
Reel of the Sound, The
Remparts de Seville, Les
Rest and Be Thankful
Reverend John MacFarlane, The
Road to the Isles
Roaring Jelly
Robertson Rant, The
Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, The
Rocks of Solitude, The
Rodney's Rant
Rose of the North
Roselath Cross, The
Rothesay Country Dance
Rothesay Rant, The
Round Reel of Eight
Royal Deeside Railway, The
Royal Yacht Britannia, The
Ruby Lips
Rye Twist
Sailor, The
Saint Columba's Strathspey
Saint John River, The
Saltire Society Reel, The
Saltire Strathspey, The
Salute to Noel Lillie
Sands of Morar
Sandy o'er the Lea
Sandy's Scotch Broth
Saturday Market
Sauchie Haugh, The
Scallywag, The
Scotch Mist
Scott Meikle
Scottish Jaunt, A
Scottish Reform
Screaming Eels, The
Seann Truibhas Willichan
Secrets of the Fire Swamp
Seton's Ceilidh Band
Sheena's Buckle
Shetland Shepherdess, The
Shiftin' Bobbins
Silver Square, The
Silver Tassie, The
Singing Sands, The
Six-Figured Man, The
Sleepy Maggie
Slytherin House
Smoke Rings in the Night
Sorcerer's Apprentice, The
Spark Dance
Sparkling Eyes
Spirit of the Dance, The
Spring Fling Reel, The
St Andrew's Anniversary Strathspey
St Andrew's Fair
Staffin Harvest
Stanford Swing
Starry-Eyed Lassie, The
State of Grace
Statuary Falls
Strathglass House
Sueno's Stone
Sugar Candie
Summer Assembly, The
Summer on the Clyde
Summer with McKinnon
Summer Wooing
Sunshine and Sweetie's Jig
Susanne's Strathspey
Susie Petrov's Strathspey
Swashbuckling Dread Pirate Roberts
Swashbuckling Iain
Swiss Lassie
Tam the Storyteller
Tattie Bogle, The
Tayport Beauty
Teddy Bears' Picnic, The
Tenders, The
Those Eyes
Three Score and Ten
Through the Garden Gate
Todlen Hame
Tokyo Flyer
Torridon Lassies
Travelling Men, The
Tribute to the Borders
Trip to Bavaria, A
Trip to Crinan, A
Trip to Glasgow, A
Trip to the Drakensburg, A
Trip to the Netherlands, A
Trip to Timber Ridge
Triple Happiness
Triumph, The - Just the Poussette
Trysting Place, The
Tulloch Gorm
Turkey Trot
Tweedbridge Court
Up in the Air
Village Reel
Waggle of the Kilt
Waltz Country Dance
Wandering Piper, The
Waternish Tangle, The
Waverley Station Jig
Wedding Reel, The
Wee Cooper O' Fife, The
Wee Dram Before Tea, A
Welcome to Ayr
Well Done Jack
Wells House
West's Hornpipe
Westminster Reel, The
Whistling Wind, The
White Cockade, The
White Heather Jig
Wicked Willy (Uilleam Dona)
Wild Geese, The
Wind in the Willows, The
Wind on Loch Fyne, The
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The
Wing, The
Winstanley House
Winter Wonder
Wishing Well, The
Wisp of Thistle
Ye Ken It Well
Ye'll Aye Be Welcome Back Again
Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek
Zoologist, The
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