DancieMaetion 2.0

Things You Might Want to Know

DancieMaetion is growing worldwide

  • Currently we are averaging ~75,000 views a year on YouTube.
  • Each year it increases by ~10%.
  • 40% of our views come from the UK.
  • LindaMae and I are honored by your interest and continuing support.

Focus on YouTube

  • With DancieMaetion 2.0 we are now focusing our efforts on YouTube videos.
  • We are upgrading the videos to 'High Def-1280x720' and 30 frames/second.
  • This should take care of the jerkiness in the old videos.
  • Depending on your internet connection speed, the dances may start off blurry.
  • Most systems will degrade video quality if the streaming can't keep up.
  • If this happens, just pause the video (or go back) and let the streaming catch up.
  • Eventually Google will cache these videos nearby.

Picking Dances for DancieMaetion

  • LindaMae makes these decisions.
  • Usually this includes dances that are on our next regional dance program.
  • If she is teaching a workshop, she will generally cover dances on their ball program.
  • Occasionally we get requests via email; lmae@DancieMaetion.com.

Dance Collections and Ball Programs

  • We want to provide a scheme where everyone can construct a web page of DancieMaetions for their ball program.
  • The old scheme was closed to anyone outside the Northwest U.S.
  • The DancieMaetion Android app has a scheme for organizing custom dance collections.
  • On our new front page we have another scheme, Custom Collection Web Page Builder.
  • We are still looking for feedback and ideas from our users on how to address this issue.

Downloads Still Available

  • On our web site, we will continue to make MP4s available.
  • You can still download them and view off line.
  • We are re-generating them as 'Standard Def - 640x360' and 30 frames/second.
  • This format will be viewable on iPhones.

DancieMaetion Android App

  • The DancieMaetion Android app will continue to exist, using these new MP4s.
  • However the videos are a bit bigger (because of the 30 fps).
  • This change over should be complete by August 2017.

Things You Probably Don't Care About

YouTube Video Links

  • YouTube generates a 'link ID' for each thing that gets uploaded.
  • For example, the 11 character link to a video looks like: "WV_ediSK_ss".
  • When you upgrade/replace a video, you get a new link ID.
  • If you have been keeping a copy of these links, you may be referencing the old videos.
  • They will stop working at the end of 2017.

We will try to work with the Strathspey Server folks to transitions them to the new links.
For everyone else, we will make available a CSV file with DanceName, OldLink, and NewLink.

Sorry about this, but we have to be able to replace videos.  Sometimes we make mistakes.