Dance Collection Web Page Designer

Enter the name of your collection.  For Example,  "2017 Burns Night Gathering".
For HTML nerds, this will be displayed in <H1> format at the top of the page.
Enter the name of the sponsor of the collection/event.  For example, "Southwest Washington Branch of the RSCDS".
This will be displayed in <H2> format.
Enter additional notes that your readers may need.  For example, "April 21, 2017 at the Columbia Dance Studio starting at 7pm".
This will be displayed in <H3> format.
From the list on the left, select the dance(s) that you want in your collection.

Then press the 'Add to Collection' button below to move them to the list on the right.

You can double-click a single dance to include it.

You can control the order of the listed dances by selecting a dance and pressing one of the buttons below.


Add Custom Row
If you want to add a dance to the collection that is not in our list, type the name of the dance below and press 'Add as a Dance'.
If you want to insert a heading/notice within the list, for example to indicate an intermission, type the heading below and press 'Add as a Heading'.
For now, both types of entries will appear in the above list as if it were a dance name. In the generated HTML they will be appropriately formatted.